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The Liberation Music Collective is a socially-conscious big band dedicated to performing original compositions about contemporary social issues. "Siglo XXI" means "21s century" in Spanish, and we bring a modern approach to the tradition of protest music in jazz. By focusing on social issues and embracing a plurality of styles within a jazz context, we hope to bring jazz back into the sound of socially provocative music in our era. Each song on on this album is dedicated to a specific challenge within our society today, and in between each song are snippets of interviews with band members speaking about music in the modern world. The album cover is a modern take on the traditional image of Lady Justice carrying a sword and scales--and with some shades instead of a blindfold.


released August 29, 2015

Creators, co-founders, and composers: Hannah Fidler and Matt Riggen
Personnel on the record:
Trumpets: Jess Henry, Joe Anderson, Matt Riggen
Trombones: Sean Weber, Felipe Brito, Brennan Johns
Saxophones: Matthew Setzler, Sam Motter, Durand Jones
Rhythm section: Joel Tucker (guitar), Evan Main (piano), Hannah Fidler (bass), Ben Lumsdaine (drums), Kristin Olson (timbales), Julian Loida (congas), Cole Stover (maracas and chequere)

Recorded and mixed by Jake Belser at Primary Sound Studios in Bloomington, IN. Mastered by Kate Siefker at White Arc Studios in Bloomington, IN. Photographs by Jeff Browne at jeffbrowne.co. Modeling by Imani Ramesy. Album art/graphic design by Hannah Fidler. Band photo by Kevin Weinberg.

Copyright Ad Astrum Records 2015, all rights reserved.



all rights reserved


The Liberation Music Collective Bloomington, Indiana

The Liberation Collective is a socially-conscious big band dedicated to performing original compositions about contemporary social issues.

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Track Name: War Department
The words to the original hymn are:

No more shall the sound of the war-whoop be heard,
The ambush and slaughter no longer be feared.

The tomahawk, buried, shall rest in the ground,
And peace and goodwill to the nations abound.
Track Name: El Viento

La gente gritan para justicio
Como un desierto para lluvia
Pero todavía el viento seco
Trae aviso solo de lagrimas

Tenemos la fuerza en familia
Tenemos la paz en comunidad
Pero todavía el viento seco
Trae aviso solo de miedo

Los poderosos han decido
Jugar con las vidas de personas
Cuyo piel no coincide
Con sus propias

Cambian destrucción por votos
De personas con mentes cerradas
Apuestan nuestro future
Por un sentido de pureza

¡El viento, traiga valor!

El iya me llama al justicio, a la sabiduría. Todo del mundo dice ¡Basta, basta! ¿Cuando escucharán a los hijos de Obatalá? A los poderosos el iya llama darse cuenta de nuestra canción. (Baba fururu…)


The people cry out for justice
Like a desert for water
But still the dry wind
Brings news only of tears

We have strength in our families
And peace in our communities
But still the dry wind
Brings news only of fear

The powerful have decided
To play with the lives
Of those whose skin color
Does not match their own

They trade destruction for votes
Of closed-minded people
Gambling our future
For a sense of purity

Wind, bring courage!

The iya (mother drum) calls me to justice, to wisdom. The whole world cries “Enough, enough!” When will they listen to the children of Obatalá? The iya calls them to give notice to our song. (Baba fururu…)
Track Name: Herstory
Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

More like miseducation of boys in Steubenville, the force of will

Making victims out of girls for just lying still

Oh no, Mr. Supreme Court justice

Making rules about our bodies like you just can’t trust us

Well screw this, even Malala Yousafzai

Fighting the Taliban for women and children’s rights

Would earn for a man’s dollar just nickels and dimes

And could be sold in child slavery if it came her time

Now get this—how many women you see on this stage, three?

Well the three of us are stronger than the whole U.S. army

“If Eve by herself could turn the world upside down

Then together us women will turn it back right round”

You know those words? They’re from sojourner truth

A slave in her youth

But with the confidence to rise and say “Ain’t I a woman?”

History don’t treat the Henriettas like the Henrys

But women help build everything from nations down to families

Take feminism back from the hands of the academics

Pay some pussy pushers for the politics and their polemics

Guys who think that if she wearing jeans it’s fine to rape her

Why do I feel like it’s still the world of Donald Draper

La illaha illa allah sisters

Only got one master misters

Don’t you even call us bitches

If I cook you wash the dishes

Oh…gonna pass it like Pelosi

Gonna pen it like Adichie

Gonna emanate break the state fate the hate that holds the gate

To the sky above the glass ceiling, cuz we’re progressing

We’re not screaming for no reason, this ain’t PMS-ing

Rush and Glenn can take their diatribes to the MRA’s

Cuz Lilly Ledbetter better finally get her raise

We are here for the struggle the working mom

For the girls who get raped on the night of prom

Where are you for wives who cannot choose how many kids they bear?

Where are you for women segregated from their halls of prayer?

Until we live in a world where all women can drive cars

And none suffer from FGM or obstetric fistulas

Until rape is not used as a weapon of war

Until every little girl knows what a textbook is for

We cannot say that we live in a free world

We cannot say that inequality is cured

When half the sky lives under fear and oppression

We must bring to justice each for his transgressions

These aren’t the angry ramblings of some liberal femi-nazi

It’s human rights for all—from New York to Benghazi

To start we’ve got to point out all the causes of iniquity

But down the road the hope is that we’ll all have human dignity

So remember, treat your sister like an equal

And recall what MLK said while fighting for his people

Say it once say it twice yell it out scream it

Hate cannot fight hate, it’s only love that can defeat it
Track Name: Black & Red
they baptize the asphalt with
and wash away their sins with
on the golf course.
holy trinity
another pavement christened
sanctimonious black & red.
“justified by faith,”
they say to the jury,
fresh off the
putting green,
and find forgiveness.
“rules are different
for the clergy,”
they tell the mothers.
best start wiping away the
black & red.
Track Name: Anthem of the 99%
In, in this hour
We hold our hands and hold the tower
We look to those in hard-won power
And meet no eyes

Outside these walls
We take the blame and take their fall
We’re made to scrape and scratch and crawl
And starve on lies

Here, here is change
We brought it here so we could share
We brought it, take, it’s all for you
(For you)
(For you)
For you, my friends and I